In The Beginning

James Tomlinson Photography came into existence in January 2014 in an attempt to save money.  My daughter was getting married that year, and I thought to myself “Self, why not buy a camera and shoot the wedding yourself thereby saving you several thousands of dollars on pictures!”.    That was my first mistake.

I had learned how to shoot film a LONG time ago, but these new digital cameras were different.  Figuring I needed some education, I enrolled in the New York Institute of Photography so I could “relearn” how to shoot with these new digital cameras.  I figured “I’ll get the basics down and shoot the wedding.  How hard can it be?”.  That was mistake number two!

While the pictures of the wedding turned out less than stellar, but OK, I quickly learned that there is a reason those wedding photographers get paid what they do and promptly swore off weddings.  But sports on the other hand…

I’ve always loved sports, especially racing.  I cut my teeth on Indy cars back in the days of Al Unser (Sr), Johnny Rutherford and AJ Foyt.  My favorite football team was the Oakland Raiders (still is!) with Ken Stabler, Cliff Branch and Dave Casper.  So I packed up my camera gear and headed to Indianapolis to shoot the Indianapolis Grand Prix, a no longer series run with IMSA cars on the Brickyard Super Weekend.  I was hooked, lined, and sinkered.


Now, tens of thousands of dollars later (remember, I started doing this to save money), I have progressed into shooting photojournalism for The Republic and doing portraits and head shots.  I still head up to Indy as often as I can to shoot the races there.  My walls have a growing collection of my favorite images.  Like my taste in music, they are a bit eclectic.  From cars careening around the corners at Indianapolis, to the fireworks over the Washington Monument, to a cherished portrait of my Grand Daughter with my Great Grand Son.  I have these wonderful images that bring back those memories as I walk past them every day.  Perhaps buying that camera to shoot the wedding wasn’t a mistake after all.

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